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My Experience With Free Hosting


I started blogging with Blogger, which is a platform provided by Google and uses Google’s free hosting to host blogs. At that time I didn’t know much about blogging, so, I started this blog just for fun purpose basically to share my blogging experiences with others. By the time I came to know about other platforms and free and paid hosting. But because Bogger was giving me a trouble free hosting, so, I never thought of shifting my blog to paid hosting. The only thing that I did just to get approval from some ad networks and to make my domain look good is that I purchased a domain from Namecheap and applied it on my blog.

Everything was going well and my blog was going smoothly until one day when I received an email from Google that was saying ” we have removed your blog because it has violated our terms”, which shocked me, so, I quickly logged into my Blogger account to check what I can do to sort out this problem and why my blog has been removed without any notification from Google. Then I started searching for articles that could help me in this matter and found that many people who had already suffered the same issue were suggesting that you can place a reconsideration request by clicking the restore button present next to your deleted blog.

So, I came back to my blogger account to do so but when I clicked the restore button then “boom” nothing happened the button was not working which really discouraged me but as being a tough guy I took it as a lesson and respected Google terms and tried to search the issues for “why Google has deleted my blog?”. And, I think that was my fault but Google told me that, this was their fault. I will discuss this later but at the moment let me tell you what problem that I thought that my blog had that made Google delete it. I deeply searched things and found following reasons:

  • My blog was containing too many external links.
  • All my external links were “do follow” external links.
  • I was giving too many “follow” external links to the sites that are in Google’s bad books, that is, I was giving valuable do follow links to penalized sites that Google wasn’t liking.
  • I had too much duplicate content, in a specific category I was creating too many duplicate articles around 60% of the content of every article was a duplicate.
  • No issues with my images as I was using and still use my own images or copyright free images.
  • No copied content issue as I never copied an article for this site at least ;). Ya, I copied snippets but never copied entire articles.